The Karkade inspiration

By | August 10, 2017

Once upon a time, thousands of years ago in fact, there were those magnificent pharaohs. These were your kings who ruled over ancient Egypt and many other parts of the world for a thousand years or so. Their magnificence has less to do with their usurped wealth. Perhaps if they were not slaves as such, the men and women who served these kings and queens would also look magnificent. But then again, many of the man servants and maids who served the courts intimately were also quite magnificent physically.

They had to be in order to recreate the perfect aura within the walls of those palaces. No, the true reason why these ancient folks were always looking so fine was because they were indulging themselves, as a matter of good, healthy habit in Karkade tea. This is an ancient tea that came from the indigenous hibiscus plant on Egyptian lands. Today, the inspiration towards this regal health and wellness concept lives on.

But there is also a principle involved. The principled habit is to produce this tea and distribute it to all parts of the world by still using the original ingredients. And these ingredients continue to be harvested from fields in Egypt. Although it is well worth adding that the hibiscus plant can be grown in other parts where the climate is conducive. And therefore, tea from this plant can be manufactured from other areas as well.

But there is also nostalgia and a sense of history involved here. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you are not just taking care of your health by enriching your body with antioxidants, but are actually tasting something truly divine and ancient?  It is a red tea leave day when you do this.